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Version 3.0 is currently in Beta test about to be released soon!

The qTracks app queues up your backing tracks on your device and gives you the capability to play them in set list order with your iPad, or even your iPhone. Version 2.0 is compatible with iPhones and iPads iOS 8.3 and greater.

The qTracks app works by selecting your tracks from your media library on your device. You can create any number of set lists, give them names, and then add each track to the set list.

The qTracks app will play one designated track and then it will stop, poised to play the next track in your set list. You just need to hit the play button at the bottom to get the next track to play.


The qTracks app has several features desirable to musicians and bands that are over other music players. Most music players are designed to do just that, play music. They have features like playlists that shuffle, repeat, random select, and fade in/out during transition. All of these things are not what you really want during a show. You want to play the specific track for the song that you are performing. So, most of all, most music players cannot just play one song in a playlist and just stop.

Using these players can cause you grief if you cannot get to the stop button in time. Also, they are not really suited to editing a play list on the fly. So, here are a few "features" of qTracks that we consider extremely important for musicians and bands.

Features of qTracks

Multiple ways to play a track
You may hit play with the control at the bottom, but you may also hit the play icon within the track box. You can stop the player by hitting and selecting any other track.
Easy identification of which track is playing
The box representing the currently playing track box will look different than the others and will have animated spinners giving the impression of a cassette tape playing. Similary, an audio track that is poised to play next will be highlighted. `
Edit the Playlist by drag and drop
You may change the ordering of your set list in the edit mode by pressing down on a track box, and moving it to another position, or deleting it by moving it into the trash can.
Big Control Buttons
The Play and Pause buttons are large and can easily be hit.
Multiple Set lists
The qTracks app allows you to create multiple set lists and give them names.
Set lists are persistent
The qTracks app saves the set lists on your device, so they are there the next time you start the app.
You can add music from albums
If you organze your tracks in your media library as albums, you can just select the album to put all of the tracks in that album to a set list.
Big, Medium, and Small configurations
The qTracks app has the ability to have large text fonts so that if you are an aging musician like myself, you can see the track names.

Version 2.0

Thanks for your support and we listen! Here are some changes and upgrade that are due to your feedback!

Large Play Button
When not in Edit Mode and ready to play, a large Play Button appears in the bottom part of the screen, making it easier to hit.
SetList Time and Tracks
For names in the Set List selection table, for each Set List listed, we added the track count and the total time for the Set List, which is the total of all the playback duration times of the Set List's tracks. This gives a minimum estimate of the length of the set.
Note, this depends on proper meta data for duration in your track files. We have run into instances where the duration times listed in the meta data for the track are inconsistent with the actual play time. Please, make sure your studio, or whatever programs you used to create the track, pays attention to this field. This meta-data field, unfortunately, cannot be edited with iTunes.
Previously you could only add tracks by singles or by album. We've added ability to add tracks from iTunes playlists that you have loaded onto your device.
Note. You only add tracks from a playlist. The Set List does not keep in sync with the iTunes Playlist. If you add a track to your device's playlist, it will not automatically get added to the Set List.
Better stability
We fixed a bug where it crashed on launch solely on iOS 8.3 iPads. This fix among other internal changes fixed some other navigation problems between iPhones and iPads. It's actually a little more complicated than that, but ask us, if you are into iPhone/iPad development and want to know.
We also fixed an issue when editing a Set List name for the first time while waiting for the on screen keyboard to show (the first time for the on screen keyboard is slow). The app would crash on any touches on the table on the iPhone.
Removed Support for iOS 7
Sorry, but supporting iOS 7 devices was just an effort with very little benefit. We only did it to support the iPhone4s with which we started.

Version 3.0

Thanks for your support and we listen! Here are some changes and upgrade that are due to your feedback!

Set List Printing
You may create a text or PDF document of your set list with the tapping of the text bar button at the top right of the screen. This will give you a page with your set list title, track names, durations, and total duration for the set. Showing the set list title, durations, total duration are configurable.
You may print directly to an Apple AirPrint enabled printer by tapping the AirPrint button at the top right. Should there not be any enabled printers on your local wireless network, you may upload the document in either text form or as a PDF up to your iCloud, and go from there.
Remaining Time Display
When in Play mode the large play button appears at the bottom of the screen. Hitting it, plays the track poised to play next. Now, after hitting that button a remaining time counter display replaces it, and it counts down the time to the end of the currently playing track.
Big Play Button and Remaining Time Display are configurable
Each of the Big Play Button and Remaining Time Display are configurable whether they should be shown or not. Tap the "action" button in the tool bar at the top and it will bring up a pop up table containing your configuration options. At the bottom of the pop up table there are switches to turn the Big Play Button and the Remaining Time Display off and on.
Copy a Set List
We have added the ability for you to duplicate a Set List. You may do this by hitting the double page button at the top left of the Set List Tab on the left side. It will be given a default name, which you can change as with any other set list.
Online Help Screens
We have added online help screens into the app. They bring up web pages on our support website. You must have a network available to you to access these pages. Note, we still recommend that during a performance, that you shut off all phone, data, and wifi capability (Airplane mode) to eliminate the possiblity of notifications and phone calls interfering with your performance.

qTracks 2.0 Demo Video

What does the qTracks app NOT do?

First of all, qTracks cannot command world peace, but we all agree if music were in all of our hearts, we could get close. However, there are a few things in that qTracks is different from regular music players. We keep it simple and on point to the job we are trying to do.

qTracks does not continuously play
The qTracks app is not a music player. It is a track queuer, and it helps organize your shows so that you, or another band member can start your next song on your beat.
qTracks is not the iTunes music player
The qTracks app cannot play arbitrary music items in your library. It cannot access anything but music files on your device. That means, it cannot access files in iCloud, or some DRM (digital rights management) protected music that you may have purchased off of iTunes or something else.
qTracks cannot play tracks outside the iPad's Media Library
qTracks will only play tracks that have been imported by iTunes program either on the device itself or from a connected iTunes Mac or PC.
qTracks is not a music manager
Although the qTracks app allows you to edit your set lists, it does not manage your song media. You cannot remove or add songs to your device using qTracks. You must use Apple approved software for that purpose that manipulates the iPad's media library. Most likely this application is iTunes.
If you take a music file off of your device it will silently disappear from any set lists that included it. Consequently, if you rename a song in your media library, it will be renamed in your set list as well.
qTracks Set Lists do not sync with iTunes Playlists
In Version 2.0, we gave you the ability to add a set of tracks to a Set List from an iTunes playlist. Hitting that plus button next to the playlist item only adds the media items in that playlist to the current Set List. If you add or subtract from the iTunes playlist. subsequently, the change will not be reflected in your Set List. Albeit, if you remove the actual track from the device, as stated before, it will be silently removed from any Set List that included it.
If there is enough interest in this feature, we can probably add it to a future version. Let us know!

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