qTracks Support Page

Getting Started With qTracks

The qTracks app allows you to organize your tracks into set lists. But first you must have tracks on your device whether it is an iPhone or iPad.

You may start by using iTunes from your Mac to place "media items" on your device. This procedure does not involve qTracks. You must get the desired music MP3,Wav files onto your device as "media items". This means that the device will recognize the file as music file and therefore, the Apple Music player can play it.

There are also many apps other than iTunes that help you transfer "media items" to your iPad either from a Mac, a windows PC, or merely from the Internet without involving an external computer. This procedure is up to you.

How do I use qTracks?

Here is a short instructional video for using qTracks.

System Precautions

There are a few things that you should be aware of when using qTracks for a performance.

Download Your Tracks Onto Your iPad/iPhone

You shouldn't rely on a wireless network during a show to be streaming songs from the cloud. Use iTunes on your mac or pc to put them on your iPad, or use iTunes on the iPad to download them from your music in your iCloud.

Turn OFF Wifi and Cellular, i.e. Airplane Mode

The qTracks app uses the standard Apple MediaPlayer underneath the covers. It is subjected to interruptions from notifications from the Wifi Internet, or cellular networks should you be using an iPhone or have a SIM card in your iPad. You don't want your iPad/iPhone stopping play and giving you a ringy-dingy. The safest way is just to put the thing in Airplane Mode.

Turn off PassCode/Screen Lock

Most iPads and iPhones are set up to screen lock or dim after a minute or two of inactivity. Since you'll be performing, you probably don't want to touch the iPad very much. Most screen locks go into a Passcode mode. Although qTracks will still keep playing when the screen does go blank, it is probably not that desirable to have to enter in your passcode everytime it does so. You can go to Settings > Passcode > Turn Passcode Off, or go to Settings > Passcode > Require Passcode, and set it to "After 4 hours" or something long.

However, setting the passcode off will not stop the screen from diming. So, you might want to set it to not Auto Lock. Go to General > Auto-lock, and set it to "Never" when you are performing.

Note, we find that keeping the screen on and playing music at the same time can wear down the battery pretty quickly. You probably will want the iPad plugged in anyway. We have noticed that depending on the charger you have, having the screen never dim, will still drain the power battery level while the iPad is still plugged in, but at a pretty low rate. In any case, you probably want to go to a show with your iPad/iPhone fully charged before you start.